Prayer Shawl

Since I haven’t been using this blog (I really should get back to it) and Twitter is being a pain in the butt about pictures, I’m posting pics here and putting the link on Twitter.  Sorry for the extra step, folks!


I am selling a handmade prayer shawl made from Israeli wool.  I had an order for it (before I went to Israel), but the deal fell through (after the whole thing was made).  The yarn is a wool blend (the store clerk said wool/silk, but that seems wrong) and is so, so soft! It is royal blue with purple bits and the main motif is the Star of David.  Jewish prayer shawls have this motif and those are the basis for the Israeli flag.  I used that as my inspiration and included a little cross in each of the four corners (since it was for a Christian person).  The shawl is $60 (a steal for handknitting!) and makes a unique Christmas gift.

If you want more pics, I can put them up.  This shows the pattern, colour and size the best:


(That’s a three seater couch.  You can see the centre cushion for size comparison.)



~ by Jen on November 28, 2013.

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