May ‘n’ Stuff

Some of you are confused about my plan for the next few weeks.  Some of you don’t care.  I understand both sides, I really do.  For those who do care, this is the plan:

May   – Course #1: 1 week retreat course

 – Course #2: 3 week study tour in Israel (Yes, it is a real course with a real exam. And a trip to Bethlehem.)

June – course work due from Course #1

– Course #3: another course begins; all books must be read beforehand (ugh)

July – teach summer school (I hope)

It doesn’t look as crazy when I write it out like that, but it is crazy.  Trust me.  For that reason, I will be on the edge of breakdown until approximately August.  Don’t, under any circumstances, say to me, “You must be so relieved the year is done!”  Instead, pray for my stress level, focus and good brain stuff.  And fun.  You can pray for fun.  That might help the good brain stuff.  In the meantime, enjoy spring and I’ll see you in June.  Or August.

PS – Don’t plan to rob me or anything while I’m gone.  My house is in good hands.


~ by Jen on May 4, 2013.

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