Dental Work & Thankfulness

On Wednesday night, I broke a tooth.  I was chatting away with some of my favourite folks at Lettuce Knit and eating tortilla chips when the back half of one of my teeth broke away.  I got very faint and they took care of me until I was coherent again.  (Weird reaction to a broken tooth.  Wimp.)  When I got home that night, I started to worry about how I was going to deal with this tooth.  I worried about scheduling, money, whether the remaining piece would break off while I slept (it was very thin), possible removal of one of my front teeth (ugh!), etc., etc.  In the end, everything was amazing.  This is the list of reasons I am incredibly thankful for the way things worked out.  I’m sure I’ll forget something, but you’ll get the idea.

  1. I did not bike to knitting that night.
  2. It was the back of my tooth, not the front.
  3. It was not painful at all – except when I tried to brush it.
  4. My mom called me and discussed my game plan with me.
  5. I only had one class scheduled for the next day.
  6. I woke up with my tooth intact (well, the front was intact).
  7. I had one last workout class, but we managed to plan activities that didn’t jostle my head.
  8. My prof let us out early due to the horrible rain/wind/snow/ice storm that was beginning. (More time available!)
  9. My friend Tuuli made me a protein shake since I couldn’t eat.
  10. My dentist in Newmarket was not available. (It was good that I didn’t have to drive up and back in awful weather.)
  11. I found a dentist up the street from my house and he could see me in 45 minutes.
  12. I got to my appointment with 1 minute to spare.
  13. The dentist filled my tooth (i.e. did not remove it, freeze it or drill any part of it).
  14. The dentist took neat pictures of the break and printed a copy for me so I could show my mom.
  15. The government covered the cost of the repair! (I was really, really worried about what this might cost.)
  16. I could eat right away.
  17. I got home safely (crazy weather) and earlier than usual.
  18. This didn’t happen five weeks later in Israel.
  19. I didn’t feel guilty about the nap that followed.
  20. (I should have a twentieth, so…) God took away my stress and worked it all out for me.  His plan was better than my plan.




~ by Jen on April 14, 2013.

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