Be a Finisher

I haven’t been very faithful to my blog writing, have I?  I’ve actually had ideas lately, but they have stayed in my head.  So, today I will tell you, ironically, about being a finisher.

“A finisher?” you ask.

“Yes, a finisher!”  As in, one who finishes things.

You see, I like starting projects (and careers), but I don’t always finish them.  I have a lot of yarn that has big ideas attached to it.  I have a resume a mile long because of my varied professional career.  I have unread books, unwatched movies, an unfilled spice rack and myriad undone chores around my house.  What I need is a little more follow-through.

I recently finished writing a pattern for a fabulous cowl with braids and cables.  I have test knitters checking on it as we speak (and no good photographs, because my photographer is avoiding me) and it is almost ready to go!  Getting to that point was tricky – and I’m not done yet!  Until the pattern is posted on, I will not be done.  However, it was a great, big step!  I had a little chat with God and realized that my feelings of being overwhelmed and/or anxious could be relieved (in part) by finishing what I start.  If I don’t keep half a dozen reminders sitting around my living room of things I should be doing, I might feel better.  And, when I look back at the day, week, month or year, I might appreciate the list of tasks that are completed and in the past.  Instead, I have a half edited book on my hard drive and wishes that I was a real author.  It is a little like Pinocchio wishing he was a real boy.  Except, this time magic and a small talking insect are not going to help me.  This time, I need to do something about it.  Thus, I made the decision to be a finisher.  I set aside time to finish my pattern and I did it.  My book is on the list.  By clearing out some of the smaller tasks, I can focus on the larger ones.  And, I won’t start new ones!   This includes not raising farm animals, starting an indoor herb garden or buying a spinning wheel.  I promise.  For now.

What do you need to finish?


~ by Jen on April 7, 2013.

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